Morris County American Legion Auxiliary Officers

County President Ellie Zaleski (390) 973-625-4502

1st Vice President Diana Dark (423) 973-637-1217

Historian Doris Sallie (43) 973-538-8297

Treasurer Andrea Drzyzga (423) 973-223-0186

Secretary Andrea Drzyzga (423) 973-223-0186

Chaplain Betty Cleaver (423) 973-697-6176

Parliamentarian Kathy Conroy (342) 908-938-0888

St. At Arms Annemarie Landishman 973-568-8312

Free Dental For Veterans

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Free Veterans Legal Clinic & Benefits Expo

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Gets free parking at all NJ meters.

See flyer under photos as Disabled vets.

The All Veterans Memorial will begin hosting a weekly Poppy Project workshop for the 'One Life Lived, One Life Lost' fallen hero campaign

See flyer and photo under photo AVM.Contact us today for more information about drug and alcohol rehabs and to get help for yourself or a loved one.
The growing issue of smoking tobacco among military Veterans

William Hocing American Legion Celebrates 90 Years!

See flyes under Photo as Post 91.

Nation Membership Incentive Pin

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Department Commander Darryl Reis's Cap Pin

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New Jersey Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs
Drug Dangers is committed to providing information on a range of medications and medical devices that have serious complications. New Jersey Withdrawal Treatment Options

WWI Centennial Tribute Concert

See flyer under photo as WWI Centennial Tribute Concert.

Memorial Day Display

PSEG Veterans ERG see flyer under photo as Memorial Day Display

Armed Forces Day Celebration Fly-In

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Morris County Veterans Service will morve

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New Jersey Veterans' Benefits Guide

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A lterans Benink to the Morria County Facebook Page

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100 Years Morris County American Legion Time Capsule

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Morris County American Legion 72nd Annual Convention

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March meeting of Morris County American Legion

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The American Legion 7th Annual Invitational Golf Tournament

See flyer under photo as 7Th Annual Golf Touranament

Helpful Resource list for our wounded heroes

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All Veteran Memorial

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Was Honored with a crystal award. See photo under photo as Honored with a crystal award

Photo taken at AVM on Memorial Day

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Armen Forces Day

At All Veterans Memorial see flyer under Photo as Armed Forces Day

GoFundMe page for the American Legion Post 249 Last month the main heating & cooling unit failed and is no longer repairable please help them.

The Blue Star Salute

is a program initiated to recognize and honor local members of the military and their families. The Organizing Committee took it a bit further by including veterans of the various wars, police actions, and deployments. Post 423 Milton sponsored three Salutes over the past three years, with Jefferson High School hosting: July 3, 2013, May 2, 2015, and October 15, 2016. A reception for the honorees and their families followed each event.
The first Salute honored members of the Armed Forces and Veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world. As many thirty five members were honored. The second Salute honored members of the Armed Forces, all veterans of the Vietnam War. Again, as many as thirty five members were honored at this ceremony as well. The third Salute honored Members of the Armed Forces, all Veterans, and veterans of Vietnam, the Korean War, and World War II. Fifty six active members and veterans were honored.
Over three hundred invitations were sent to known members of the Armed Forces and Veterans of Jefferson Township and their families announcing the Salute. The total cost of the Salutes was $7500.00, raised by donations solicited from local businesses and collection sites. There was no cost to the Post. The committee that ran the Salutes were comprised of members of American Legion Post 423 and members of the community at large. Each Salute was five months in the planning, and the hard work and time invested was evident by the enthusiast turnouts and obvious reverence paid to the honorees, and in fact, all veterans everywhere.
See Photo under photo as Blue Star.